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A sexual act whereby one gentleman pleases three lady friends in the following manner;

The gentleman shall stand, whilst balls deep in the first said lady friend who is bent over, say, a table. The second shall receive manual stimulation (could try a “shocker” for a variation on the move), with her bearded clam at about the man’s waist height. Finally, the third lady shall be getting a good toe-in whilst laid on the floor.

The combination of pelvic thrusting, with the in-and-out motion of both fingers and toe, resembles a physically challenged attempting the “Egyptian Dance”, popularised by The Bangles in their 1986 music video, Walk Like an Egyptian.
Hey Dave, what did you get up to last night with all that puntang?

Attempted the Disabled Egyptian, didn't go too well. Lost my balance and ended up spraining my ankle, to make it worse, Sandra did a Dutch down my arm!
by Mark_Jackson November 08, 2010

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