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a gay guy
That guy has a dirty shirt
by John081983 November 24, 2008
A white female that has sexual relations with a black male.
White male says: "I'm not fucking with that girl, she is a dirty shirt".
by Kein259 July 04, 2010
girls who show up for no reason without warning and get in the way of macho time.
sputnik: yo are we getting crazy tonight?

wrangler: oh yeah buddy. right now.

enter dirty shirts

wrangler: crap.
by wrangles_lola September 29, 2009
Usually a plummer who doesnt own a clean shirt. Also a plummer who shits behind a dumpster and wipes with his shirt.
1. - Who's behind the dumpster?

2. - Its just Dirty Shirt John.
by D.D.T. May 06, 2006