When a male is performing intercourse on a female (missionary) and defecates into his on hand; and then while continuing to thrust at a steady pace he throws the fecal matter onto the female’s stomach with the intention for it to splatter/explode much like a wet snowball. The male may choose whether or not he would like to scream dirty snowball in celebration of his great accomplishment.
once the fecal matter smacks the female in the stomach, you have completed the "Dirty Snowball"
by Bam its Dan! December 09, 2010
Top Definition
When a guy cum's into a females ass and then she squirts it into her hand and throws it at him.
After Busting a load in Monica's ass she popped out a dirty snowball and threw it at my face!
by GTG Crew December 30, 2008
When a guy makes a girl go ass to mouth and then kisses her afterwards with the cum still in her mouth.
I got hepatitis A from her ass after she gave me a dirty snowball.
by Dirty Snowball567 October 31, 2009
A sexual situation involving three main steps:

1. a male ejaculates into the posterior, or anal cavity, of a partner.

2. The male then proceeds to extract the deposited seminal fluid by swiftly sucking on the anus.
3. The male then transfers the extracted contents in his mouth into the awaiting mouth of his partner.
"Suck my ass and spit it in my ass! Gimme that dirty snowball!"
by Ruthleslied May 27, 2012
The wad of Semen sucked from the ass after Anal sex.
All she had for breakfast was a Dirty Snowball, thanks to the Red Rocket!
by HOT KARL666 June 09, 2010
A mix between sperm and excretion which a girl releases on her partner after the act of anal sex.
I still cant get the taste of that dirty snowball out of my mouth.
by MBC April 25, 2003
When a man or woman takes a ball-shaped bowl movement on their partner's chest then proceeds to ejaculate onto the feces, forming a gooey white coating around it.
Patrick: DUDE! did you hear what Lauren and Kevin did?
Andrew: No, what????
Patrick: Well Kevin took a shit on Lauren's chest then came on it and it was all gooey and white!
Andrew: Oh My God! I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to give someone a dirty snowball.
by Kenneth Fawcett November 15, 2010
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