a poop mustache resulting from certain sexual acts; also a delicious taco from Austin, TX.
Sometimes for lunch, Ryann just craves a Dirty Sanchez.
by timmyt78 March 11, 2010
latin: Clunis Concubitis Barba
After a man and woman engage in anal sex, the maile removes his still-erect member from his partner's rectum and rubs it along her upper lip, thus creating a sort of fecal mustachio supposedly reminiscent of a scraggly Mexican mustache, or bigote.
Women love being Dirty Sanchezed because of the power reversal and gender switch that comes from having a typically masculine mustache painted across their face with a penis

Source: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
When a man is having anal intercourse with a woman, and pulls his dick out of her ass and has shit on it. Then, he slowly drags his dick over her upper lip and leaves behind shit that resembles Pedro's mustache.
"God damn, her asshole was so dirty that I pulled my dick out and gave her a Dirty Sanchez."
by Tri fold March 05, 2010
when you smash out a bitch from behind and you stick your finger in her ass and you pull out shit and then smear it on her upper lip so it looks like a mustache and she smells her own poopie. haha
yo i was fuckin some slut and i gave that bitch a dirty - sanchez
by maxxyboy May 21, 2008
When two gays go at it, and the one gay squats and scats on the other's face. Having done this the scat victim must consume at least 3/4 of the shit to be a proud reciever.
Tim can't wait to get a Dirty Sanchez from Steve tonight.
by rodgers39383 November 19, 2007
Wario from Nintendo games. His moustache and Spanish-like tone all contribute to this popular nickname for the character.
Wario: It'sa me, DIRTY SANCHEZ!
by B-RAM June 06, 2007
A Term to mock or make fun of New York Jet Quarterback Mark Sanchez... Should be used whenever he has or has been having a bad game or whenever he commits a turnover(Interception, Fumbles etc..)

Note: Can Be Used to Make Fun Of The Jets Also
Sports Announcer: Mark Sanchez Is having a horrible 2nd half

Jet Fan, Dirty Sanchez

Football Fan, Haha Dirty Sanchez
by Tarif 91 January 08, 2011
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