it has nothing to do with penis's or lips or doodie, it is simply a dirty mexican.
Dude, Paco is one dirty sanchez. you know, the nigga that mows your lawn.
by lord farkwad May 02, 2008
when you have sex with a person and then you get some shit and smear it on their upper lip, looking like a moustache
Jennifer wanted Peter to give her a dirty sanchez.
by rrandomx October 05, 2009
while having sex doggiestyle stick ur finger in her ass then whipe it under her nose. filthy sanchez is when u stick ur own finger up ur own ass then whipe it under her nose
fuck a dirty sanchez this bitch is filthy sanchez material
by b-dub-t September 14, 2009
when anyone male or female stick there finger up his or her ass and rubs it along someones mustache leaving a horrible smell
corey gave that kid a good dirty sanchez
by cma05wl November 25, 2009
When a dude at a bar slowly rubs his hand on a girls back then going down her pants and slipping his finger in her butt. Later he rubs his finger across a friends face. They immediately know they have gotten a dirty sanchez.
Dude I still haven't washed my finger from that night. How did you like that dirty sanchez after the Jets game ?
by That nigga beans from pk yo February 02, 2010
A situation that arises when a defensive player slams a defenseless Mark Sanchez into the ground causing his uniform to become tarnished with dirt and grass stains.
The blind-sided hit by Justin Tuck resulted in a loss of five yards, but more importantly; a dirty sanchez.
by gmen44 January 18, 2010
1) When a man and woman engage in sexual intercourse, generally in a dog-like position (doggy style), the man, while laying the bone, proceeds to insert his index and middle finger into said womans anus. Upon the removal of the fingers, the man proceeds to whipe the fecal residue on the womans upper lip. The look of the woman is one of utter disgust, resulting in her looking like a dirty mexican named Sanchez. Hence, the name Dirty Sanchez
2) A disgustingly unkempt moustache, that actually looks like it's made of shit.

1) Look at his moustache, what a fucking Dirty Sanchez!
2) Bro, I got so into it last night, I just had to give her a dirty sanchez
by Mister Meat December 13, 2009
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