sneaking up on somebody while they're sleepin then crouching down with they're nose between ur ass cheeks then fart.
While i was at Ryan's house, me and mason snuck up on that fucker austin and gave him a dirty sanchez while he was sleeping.
by big_nigga_nate January 24, 2007
the nickname of the New York Jets American Football QB sensation Mark Sanchez
Did you see dirty sanchez throwing 2 TDs against the Pats last night?
by xVeZx September 27, 2009
The preferred nickname of Oswaldo Sanchez, goalkeeper for the Mexican national soccer team.
"I was there when DaMarcus Beasley scored that beautiful goal on Dirty Sanchez and the US went on to beat Mexico 2-0 in Columbus and qualify for the World Cup."

Sam's Army: "DIR-TY SAN-CHEZ" (clap-clap, clap-clap-clap)
by C 2 Shine N C January 02, 2007
Dirty Sánchez describes the practice, in which the active partner, immediately following ejaculation, inserts the finger into the anus of the passive partner and then smears a mixture of semen and feces under the nose of the passive partner. Eventually, the finger is then licked off by both partners. The naming was chosen, because this was to evoke the impression of a "Mexican moustache."

I gave her a dirty sanchez when I was through.
by Wikipedia83 October 02, 2006
A dirty sanchez:
(1) what everyone else said apart from that noob who was jizzing in someones mouth.

(2) a truly awsome (or disgusting) show on MTV alot like jackass but so much better as the welsh acent makes it even funnier and they are so much more crazy they should have been commited.
(1). me: "dude i should my finger in this girls ass when i was pounding her doggy style lastnight an then wiped it on her lip."
Rob: "oh dude u gave her a dirty sanchez? thats wrong mate"

(2) "you live on the bus you get fucked up on the bus."
"this isn't fucking gay school ya know!!"
by hazmat man August 01, 2006
It is when you rub shit across your upper lip.
Hey baby, dirty sanchez for $5.
by Tootie92 December 26, 2009
putting your shit on someone elses lip
he passed out so i put my shit on his lip, you know a dirty sanchez.
by ass bag July 10, 2008

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