A "dirty sanchez" is when you see someone who looks like they are dressed up as a mexican for halloween, but then you get closer. Then you smell something and realize it might be poo poo, or gushie. It's so gross you feel like throwing up. Some people call it dirty sanchez, some people call it stinky stevie, but it's a poop mustache...a painted poop mustache. GROSS!
I almost threw up when I realized Lomita had a poop mustache, known as a dirty sanchez, that I could actually smell when talking to her.
by Grossed OUT July 24, 2006
A respected dentist who lived in a wealthy suburb of Cincinnati and attended his local Methodist church every Sunday, the author of the book "Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex," originally found sex surprisingly boring and unfulfilling. And it wasn't just the Ohio women. He often described his sex life as "cumming without really orgasming." Then one day he tried something different and experienced an intensely pleasurable orgasm--he had drawn the handlebars that would soon spread to faces around the globe. As he informed others of his amazing discovery, he became known to sex experts everywhere as "Dirty Sanchez." But this first patented move was only the beginning. "Dirty Sanchez" gave up dentistry and now dedicates himself full-time to discovering exciting new eye-popping, heart stopping sexual positions.
Dirty Sanchez had drawn the handlebars that would soon spread to faces around the globe.
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
All of you need to get your minds out of the gutter; that is disgusting. A dirty sanchez is simply when one sticks their finger into one's own butthole and then puts it into another person's ear, using a twisting motion similiar to that of a wet willy. So there!
After I gave my friend a dirty sanchez, I made sure to wash my hands well.
by Jennifer Smith January 04, 2006
ok, a dirty sanchez is acutally when a guy has anal sex with a girl-or it can be a guy, whatever gets you going-and then after, the guys dick is sucked so that shit is on the upper lip of the sucker looking like a mexican mustache, the dirty sanchez
After tom and sheila had anal sex, she gave him head and got the hugest dirty sanchez above her lip.
by wes0005 August 01, 2005
an affectionate term, for an affectionate act. After a session of sweet loving, the male partner wipes his hand accross his backside, paying particular attention to the index finger. The finger is then wiped gently accross his female partners top lip, leaving an authentic looking mexican moustache.. Or a 'dirty sanchez'.
I love you more than anything, please accept this dirty sanchez as a token of my appreciation.
by the gringo July 21, 2003
When a guy has anal sex with a girl then she gives him head and a shit mustache is left on her upper lip.
Yo, Dan gave Hannah a dirty sanchez last nite and now she has a rash on her lip!
by Jason664 August 20, 2005
I. The man and woman (or man and man) engage in anal sex
II. The male continues by inserting his throbbing cock into the male/females mouth, hense leaving fecal matter in and around her/his mouth
III. Finally, they share a romantic kiss spreading the fecal matter from one partners mouth to the others
1. My girlfriend loves to eat shit so I gave her a dirty sanchez
by LuckyCharmss August 02, 2005
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