A really hairy mustache.
George's dirty sanchez is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez October 28, 2010
An amazing event! You screw your girlfriend from behind and then suddenly put your finger in her ass. Pull it back and give her a line of shit under her nose. Now she'll look like a Dirty Sanchez.
Shant's mom looks like her husbad gave her a dirty sanchez
by Bantumie July 25, 2010
when someone smears poop on the other person's upper lip during anal sex
charlotte and mac's favorite sexual act is the dirty sanchez
by incest fo lyfe May 10, 2010
When a person named Sanchez wipea a booger on a team mate!
Dude 1- Hey did you watch the AFC championship game last night ?

Dude 2 - Yeah , why?

Dude 1- Did you see Mark Sanchez wipe a booger on Burnell?

Dude2- Yeah that was funny as hell lol Dirty Sanchez lol
by troubledemon January 28, 2011
A really hairy mustache that is NOTHING TO MAKE FUN OF, BITCHES!!!
George's Dirty Sanchez, er, I mean, hairy mustache, is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez November 02, 2010
The English version of Jackass. The show involves guys doing funny sick shit to one another.
Boy: 'Hey, can we watch some Dirty Sanchez?'

Grandma: Damn boi, you aint gangsta enuf for that shit. Go watch some Lazytown or summa that Dora the explora.

Boy: But, but, it's-

Grandma: You stallin nigga, get yo skinny white ass outta here -starts watching Dirty Sanchez-

by Alib8000 January 06, 2009
A "dirty sanchez" is when you see someone who looks like they are dressed up as a mexican for halloween, but then you get closer. Then you smell something and realize it might be poo poo, or gushie. It's so gross you feel like throwing up. Some people call it dirty sanchez, some people call it stinky stevie, but it's a poop mustache...a painted poop mustache. GROSS!
I almost threw up when I realized Lomita had a poop mustache, known as a dirty sanchez, that I could actually smell when talking to her.
by Grossed OUT July 24, 2006

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