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our l0rd for 2015
don't mess with the best, Dirty Sanchez for 2015.
by randoboy April 08, 2014
When in doggy style slip your finger in her ass and then reach around and wipe your finger on her upper lip and then hang on
by freaky-b November 21, 2013
Where a man has anal sex with a woman, then wipes his shitty penis under her nose, making her look like she's got a Zapata moustache. Hence the Mexican-sounding name.
'Hey, that crazy chick I boned up the ass last night wanted me to give her a Dirty Sanchez!'
by discreet-uk January 04, 2013
To wipe a booger on your friend or teammate, to wit, New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez in the 2011 AFC Championship.
I've picked a good one, now I need a target for a Dirty Sanchez.

Ew, Mark just Sanchezed his clean jersey.
by Andrew Scriber January 23, 2011
A dirty sex move where a man poops across a woman's lip, giving the appearance of a mexican mustache.
"I want you to poo on me. Give me a dirty sanchez
by Trause Agent 007 September 29, 2011
Everyone is wrong it's when a male and female are having anal sex and when the guy pulls his dick out and there is shit on it
Victor:Dude BJ last night i was having anal sex with my girl and when i pulled out there was shit on my dick

BJ:Awwwww dude she gave you a dirty sanchez
by CHS_VictorN and BradW January 07, 2011
The New York Jets slippery Mexican quarterback who can't seem to be tackled by many defenders. Likes to sneak around on the football field, wiping his hand in his butt and giving people dirty sanchez's. Also known as Poop smeared on ones face in the form of a a moustache.
Look at Dirty Sanchez scoring touchdowns then giving other opposing players dirty sanchez's!
by undead15 January 02, 2011