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When in doggy style slip your finger in her ass and then reach around and wipe your finger on her upper lip and then hang on
by freaky-b November 21, 2013
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Where a man has anal sex with a woman, then wipes his shitty penis under her nose, making her look like she's got a Zapata moustache. Hence the Mexican-sounding name.
'Hey, that crazy chick I boned up the ass last night wanted me to give her a Dirty Sanchez!'
by discreet-uk January 04, 2013
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To wipe a booger on your friend or teammate, to wit, New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez in the 2011 AFC Championship.
I've picked a good one, now I need a target for a Dirty Sanchez.

Ew, Mark just Sanchezed his clean jersey.
by Andrew Scriber January 23, 2011
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A dirty sex move where a man poops across a woman's lip, giving the appearance of a mexican mustache.
"I want you to poo on me. Give me a dirty sanchez
by Trause Agent 007 September 29, 2011
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Everyone is wrong it's when a male and female are having anal sex and when the guy pulls his dick out and there is shit on it
Victor:Dude BJ last night i was having anal sex with my girl and when i pulled out there was shit on my dick

BJ:Awwwww dude she gave you a dirty sanchez
by CHS_VictorN and BradW January 07, 2011
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A really hairy mustache.
George's dirty sanchez is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez October 28, 2010
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An amazing event! You screw your girlfriend from behind and then suddenly put your finger in her ass. Pull it back and give her a line of shit under her nose. Now she'll look like a Dirty Sanchez.
Shant's mom looks like her husbad gave her a dirty sanchez
by Bantumie July 25, 2010
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