Performed during the early stages of the act of analingis. Takes place when the "giver" is teasing the most sensitive portions of the rectum with their lips only. The receiver has intentionally avoided any act of personal hygene for several days to the anus, thus resulting in a chocolaty, fecal surprise, also known as a "dingleberry" for their partner to spread generously around the lips, mustach & lower goatee area of the face.
The result of the Dirty Sanchez is often the look of a 1920's painting of a sad clown or hobo face.
by badass143 February 06, 2010
When two gays go at it, and the one gay squats and scats on the other's face. Having done this the scat victim must consume at least 3/4 of the shit to be a proud reciever.
Tim can't wait to get a Dirty Sanchez from Steve tonight.
by rodgers39383 November 19, 2007
When your getting some brown lovin' and you smear some shit on your lovers lip making her look like shes got a brown mustache.
The dirty bitch loved a thick dirty sanchez
by BlueOyster April 30, 2003
Where a man has anal sex with a woman, then wipes his shitty penis under her nose, making her look like she's got a Zapata moustache. Hence the Mexican-sounding name.
'Hey, that crazy chick I boned up the ass last night wanted me to give her a Dirty Sanchez!'
by discreet-uk January 04, 2013
When you have anal sex with someone and shit gets on your dick as usual, but after that, you smear the shit on their lip, producing a moustache.
I gave Mike a Dirty Sanchez last night.
by Cummy worm August 18, 2010
The 'British Jackass', made up from 3 Welsh people (Pancho, Dainton & Prichard), and 1 Englishman (Dan); who are mates for their love of skateboarding, and their total disregard for their own safety.
Simply, if YOU think Jackass is the most daring, that just proves you simply havent seen Dirty Sancez!.
in jackass, all they do is joke about and dont do nothing daring.
in dirty sanchez, they hammer EVERY extremity to a woodern plank, have a home made enema with lager, and then drink it afterwards, after chucking up into it and drinking it again, jumping into stinger nettles and rubbing the leaves EVERYWHERE (then eating the leaves) and throwing up onto dans face, stapling their arms and legs, and making them ooze horrible fluids and putting a nail strait vertically through their toe using a industrial clamp to name a few!
Other stunts include doing live shows, making each other bleed and throw up at each one, clay pigeon shooting, and made the clay discs land on thier heads to make them bleed, Went swimming with jellyfish, got taken out by a entire hockey team on their own, played naked paintball, and got soccer balls, and rugby balls (the same as american football) kicked at their balls from only a few feet away, played around (waking each other up) with cacti that was used for torture by native americans and other vile acts.
The latest series is out now, and for one episode they went to a building site. Down the rubbish shoots, they made things land on their balls, and they tested the builders helmets by dropping larges bricks on their heads.
They also created sparks from massive saws and shot them into their balls, put cement on each other while they were sleeping, put a lock around Pancho and swallowed the key, hammered their hands to a board by the webbing of their fingers, bashed their testicles with hammers, and much more!
Dirty Sanchez is far worse then Jackass
infact, it makes Jackass look like the telletubbies
by sisi16 October 26, 2006
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