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pissing in a chicks mouth. Technically impossible with an erection, so it's a common punishment for bad head.
she didn't know how to suck cock. in fact, she was so bad i lost my boner. so i gave her a dirty russin and kicked her out of the car.
by Anti January 17, 2005
Relieving yourself while receiving oral sex.
My bladder was full, so i had to give my gf a dirty russian.
by Goldenad March 21, 2003
Getting a bj while pissin in the sluts mouth
I couldn't help my overactive bladder, so i dirty russianed that chick.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
A Dirty Russian is a common college prank, in which human semen is used in place of creme in a sweet cocktail known as White Russian made from vodka, Kahlúa or other coffee liqueur such as Tia Maria, and milk or cream.

* Let the semen melt before mixing it in.

* It's a crime to put semen in someone's food without their permission.
Dude, are you drinking Dirty Russian? =)
by fontendet December 22, 2010
Hate mongering towards filthy russian
by Rob September 16, 2003
A word you say when your mad or insaulting someone
god damn you dirty Russian or mark you dirty Russian or Say your playing football online and they score a touchdown you can scream dirty Russian
by Loganator May 11, 2008
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