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A slang term for when you are having sex with a girl from behind and you reach back and wipe your ass and then you stick your fingers in her mouth, like a fish hook.
That dumb chick sucked my fingers and didn't even know it was a Dirty Muskie
by jnpd9 June 26, 2006
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Verb. A sexual act of great difficulty and high prestige. It occurs where a man has his buddy hide in the bedroom closet with a camera. The man then proceeds to engage in sexual relations with a prize female. While the man is fingering the girl, said buddy jumps out of the closet at a strategically pre-determined time. The man, while keeping his fingers inside the female's vagina, hooks the female in the cheek with his other hand and lifts her up in the air. He then proceeds to cheese for the camera, proudly displaying his prize female.
Man: Yo, check out this picture of a dirty muskie I caught at said bar the other night.

Friend: Wow, she's a beauty.
by johnny the angler September 06, 2008
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