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A type of dance where you clean your ass on someone else's leg. A very dirty dance.
There was no paper in the club restroom so I'm going to do the Dirty Mendez on the dance floor.
by Jesus "Chuy June 19, 2008
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The Dirty Mendez refers to the collection of pubic hair on a man's face after performing cunnilingus.
<this is not an example, rather, the origin of The DIrty Mendez>

A friend of mine, his last name is Mendez, tried to grow his goatee. he has a very young face so it looked rather strange at first.

The hairs were thin and at first resembled pubes. We teased him becuase he looked like he had gone down on a girl without washing his face.

I said, "Instead of the Dirty Sanchez, you have the Dirty Mendez." The rest is history.
by The Horny Owl July 22, 2008

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