the act of pissing in a condom either during or after having sex
My roommate John was so drunk that he pissed in the condom while his girlfriend was riding his cock, he pulled a dirty john on her
by AtroxStryker April 04, 2008
Top Definition
After having sex, pulling out, being too lazy to go to the bathroom, and peeing in the condom. Some say that this causes the condom to full up like a water balloon.
Because he was too lazy to go to the bathroom, he pulled a Dirty John in the condom.
by Steph S. December 06, 2005
the act of pulling out ones penis and slapping a teacher, or substitute teacher in the face... then tea-bagging them... named after john dove, at Alamogordo High
* now children, do you're homework
- i'll give you a dirty john if you don't shut up.
by bogart March 09, 2005
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