when you drop feces into a partners mouth, they chew it up until it becomes poop juice, they gargle to break up any remaining solid. Then spits it on the partners face like "BLAHHHH!!!" and then you 69 long time.
1.eric, turn that shit down you dirty hernandez.
2.dude, seriously, i was soo drunk i gave a cow a dirty hernandez.
by Dylan ADam Dolphin January 12, 2005
Top Definition
Similar to the dirty sanchez. While performing intercourse doggy style one inserts a finger into the females anus and then reaches around and applies a uni-brow
So there I was banging this chick when I got her with a Dirty Hernandez
#dirty #hernandez #sanchez #anus #uni-brow
by Toonis McGee May 01, 2009
When the man gives oral sex to the female while in her bleedy days, and come out with a "ranchero" looking red scaby mustache
That time at the beach, Adrian gave her a dirty hernandez
#period #mustache #dirty hernandez #filthy hernandez #dracula mustache
by John Salchichon Rambo April 16, 2008
The act, between two people, in which on person removes the others shoes with his/her mouth, eats his/her socks, defecates on his/her feet, then laps it up. Typically a sexual act.
"Oh god I feel so much better after that Dirty Hernandez last night, my feet have never felt that clean before.
#poop #fetish #shoes #feet #socks #balls #dirty #hispanic name #tigers #mexicans #poop fetish
by Holeman Copkins May 20, 2010
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