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n. A "moustache" given to another person by applying moustache wax to a finger in secret, then dragging the waxed finger across the person's upper lip. See: Dirty Sanchez
"I like the way your moustache smells." "Do you want a Dirty German?"
by Helmut Kohl June 09, 2007
Heating up a sausage in the oven then fucking someone in the ass with it while reading Mien Kemf
She is so hot I'd give her a dirty german for lunch
by paraleel October 03, 2011
When a blond girl doesnt shave her armpits and they stink.
"Holy crap dude Jamie has a Dirty German"
by MeganDailey23 May 03, 2013
the act of dropping a load of hot shit on a girl's face, then ejaculating on her.
Her ultimate fantasy is a dirty german gang bang, where she will be covered in ten guys' stinking loads.
by biggdawgg August 20, 2009
Derived from the roots of the infamous Dirty Sanchez, the Dirty German is a smuge of shit on the upper lip in the form of a Hitler moustache.
After receiving a Dirty German she proceeded to shoot herself in the face.
by Kurt 'The German' March 15, 2006
a gay engineering teacher who molests little children and wears spedos to the beach
Watch your children around that dirty german
by Alex Powers May 23, 2003
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