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1)When a hot chick gets on her knees and is surrounded by cocks all slapping her in the face, while a spectator jerks off and cums on her face.

2)When a hot chick strokes two dicks next to her face while another guy watches and jerks off, then cums on her face.

3)When a chick gets her mouth fucked by another girl with a strap-on, while a dude watches and jerks off on the chick's face.

4) Anytime a guy watches and jerks off, while a girl gives a blow job (with lots of cock slobber) to one or more guys and/or chicks with strap-ons. The spectator usually cums on the chick's face.

5) The male spectator figure in any of the above situations.
1)She got a dirty dustin all over her face.

2)Dirty dustin is like porno fantasy camp.

3)You probably think I'm a dirty dustin, don't you?
by Dirty Dustin October 24, 2006
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When a woman is wearing a strap on device and receives a blow job from a man. During the blow job she pulls out of his mouth and slaps him in the face or neck leaving a mushroom shaped bruise.
What happened to your neck, did your wife do the dirty dustin.
by amanda junteneun September 14, 2006
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