going to the bamboo 2 nights on the trot.
"CB what are you doing this weekend ?"
"I'm staying in I did the dirty double last weekend"
by JJ and Bradders October 31, 2003
Top Definition
When you perform sexual acts with 2 different partners and don't shower in between.
Dude I just pulled a dirty double on Sharonda and LaQuan!!!

Dude I love chlamydia!!!!
by Doc N September 14, 2012
The act of burping and farting in rapid succession, one after the other.

Legends tell of a 'terrifying triple' which also includes a sneeze, but this is said to herald the apocalypse and one's utter destruction.
Just before going out to the bar, Jill burped and farted, a so-called "dirty double" and then exclaimed: "NOW I'm ready to go!"
by Dewon December 14, 2009
When a female cuts off her significant other's penis, then proceeds to stick up her vagina while having sex with with someone else.
So she cut it off and did the dirty double with Mike.
by !@Dule October 04, 2005
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