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A term used to express female masturbation. Envision a deejay scratching records in a circular or side-to-side motion. Can be used with sound effects such as, "wiki-woo".
"what are you doing tonight?"
"I dunno, I was thinking about getting some cleaning done, maybe a little dirty dj"
"Dude, she hasn't called in three days"
"sounds like she found the dirty wiki woo!"
by sclintz July 14, 2009
The opposite of the Rusty Trombone, another classic.
It is where a man places his mouth on the females sphincter while reaching around and rubbing her like a DJ does his disks.
John "so, me and susie are getting intimate."
You "You gonna give her a dirty DJ soon?"
John "That's a good idea, she might like that."
by ThunderMissile January 25, 2011
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