The bobbing head motion someone does while puking, resembling the way a chicken bobs it head.
Oh my god that kid is doing the dirty chicken!

Aw man Adam was so sick at last nights party, he was doing the dirty chicken all night in the bathroom.
by Adam October 25, 2004
A lovely bit of healthy chicken covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried in a huge vat of oil making it both delicious yet dirty.
"I am fecking starving!"
"Why don't we stop at KFC for some dirty chicken?"
by Maldax November 04, 2010
When eating out a chick upside down, sticking your nose in her asshole.
Carly thought that she was only getting eaten out, but Sam surprised her and gave her a dirty chicken instead. He's gonna smell that for weeks!
by Ryan Michael Geary June 26, 2007
when you put your hand down a girls pants to have a play and she seems shaven but when you pull out you feel the bristles /stubble, like a freshly plucked chicken.
Dude i just fingered that girl and all was going good but then i pulled out i felt the dirty chicken so i dropped that bitch!
by heroicgenitals April 28, 2011

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