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The act of one taking a shit in a sock, preferably a tube sock, and beating a victim with it, preferably in the face
larry gave patches a dirty carl, it was a effin stinky mess
by sir jon September 24, 2005
When a male inserts his penis into a girls ass, while massaging her breasts with his right hand,and fingering her with his left hand all at the same time.
"last night my boo and me did the dirty carl position and I can still feel all his body parts inside me!"
by Rande and Cynthia June 06, 2005
When you use a post-anal, semen filled condom to slap your spurned lover in the face.
Geoff - "Man last night I had some really filth anal, so afterwards I gave her the old Dirty Carl to teach some respect"

Ricardo - "Bitch Please!!"
by Sternest September 26, 2010
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