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A white male from a working class background.Often involved in a life of crime and drug use.
He had to join the Army, what else is dirty white boy going to do wih his life besides go to jail.

Judd Nelson played a Dirty White Boy in the movie "The Breakfast Club"
by SID762 February 11, 2008
Keeps the women hot in the winter, cool in the summer, and happy at night. They call and set up appointments for a good caulking in the shower and to clean their pipes. He answers their need when they call and services with a smile.
There goes that Joe again...That dudes a Dirty White boy

They all call him DWB

Hey Dirty White Boy....That lady called and said she found another spot that needs your caulk!
by JoJo McShaggity February 24, 2011
Title of a song by the rock band "Foreigner". It was a big hit for them back in the late 70s.
Ive been in trouble since I don't know when
I'm in trouble now and I now somehow Ill find trouble again
I'm a loner, but I'm never alone
Every night I get one step closer to the danger zone

cause I'm a dirty white boy
Dirty white boy, yeah, dirty white boy
Dirty white boy, I'm a dirty white boy
Dirty white boy
by WordFreak October 26, 2008
A white boy that works in a kitchen for over 12 hours, sweating non stop. Usually smells of wet old broccoli and week old hotdogs. Then proceeds to give someone a big nasty wet bear hug. Leaving that person slimy and smelly.

Part of the "Dirty Snachez" family
Dave gave "Gina" a "Dirty White Boy" tonight in the kitchen! Charlie then pointed and laughed!
by Charlie!! May 06, 2007
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