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A dirty vagina is a vagina that has an STD. To tell someone that they have a dirty vagina is to say that they're whores.
I heard Cindy has a dirty vagina.
by NYerger November 01, 2006
What Christian girls can have, because they are not taught how to wash properly for the sake of maintaining taboos. See the words dirty and vagina if it's not clear enough to you.
There was an article featuring a doctor, who was giving threatening examples of neglected personal hygiene.
by Zdenek September 09, 2004
The raunchy smell that usually waifts around port-o-pottys or urinal tract infections. Also abbreviated as "DV"
AWWW! Sick! It smells like Dirty Vagina in here what the hell was that girl doing?
by Katy H. September 10, 2005
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