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(Verb) Sex with a Chick Fil a sandwich. Either males or females may partake in this action although in different respects. A male would insert his penis between one bun and the chicken until adding his own sauce. A female would first rub herself against the sandwich as a whole after first applying her sauce of choice to herself and then later in this endeavor would use the chicken as phallic insert-er of sorts.

Comes from the name of the location where the only Chick Fil A in New York City exists.
Kyle: "Hey, whatcha got there?"

Joseph: "Just got myself some Chick Fil A sandwiches."

Kyle: "You must be mighty hungry."

Joseph: "Nah."

Kyle: "Ooooo!!!!! Someones gonna go Dirty Upstein."

Joseph: "You know it."
by DanHamster12 October 28, 2010
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