Dirty Turban:
1: Dirty, usually refers to something with shit involved
2:Turban, A middle eastern head dress made by wrapping fabric around a persons head
I met this freaky chick at the bar last night...When I took her back to her place she jumped my right away.. but that is not the freaky part.. I had to go to the bathroom before we started.. when I told her that I had to take a dump before we had sex.. she said "If you want you can shit on my head and give be a dirty turban"
by Jimmy Knoxville May 20, 2004
Top Definition
when a woman is giving a man head in a toilet, he then pulls out and releases his man custard all over her head. He then proceeds to wrap it in toilet paper giving the impression of a turban..... dirty
dude you're sister was fucking me off so i gave her a dirty turban... durka durka
by Mr Mayfield March 23, 2010
When two people are in the same bed and one silently farts leaving the other person unsuspecting, and yells DIRTY TURBAN and throws the covers over the others face.
Last night I pulled the greatest dirty turban on Louise Coyle.
by kcote January 02, 2009
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