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Very similar but not to be confused with "the Dirty Sanchez." The Dirty Tebow is when you're doing anal, pull out and instead of drawing a mustache above the girl's lip you draw a streak under each of her eyes. The result looking like she's wearing those dark things Tim Tebow puts on his face on gameday. Writing a message in either streak is optional.
"I thought about trying to get back together with Cathy, but I don't want to touch that since I know Nate gave her a Dirty Tebow."
by YellaBird February 08, 2010
this is accomplished by making a surprise-dry run at a females anus.

This cannot be a simple push in, you must be at least two steps behind the female and, she must be taken by surprise AND cry afterwards.
Tom: Dude what happened to your eye?
Jerry: Mary hit me.

Tom: Why did she hit you?
Jerry: I jumped my dick in her ass dry. After she stopped crying from the Dirty Tebow I gave her she slapped the shit out of me.

Tom: Wow, you deserved it ya asshat.
by The psuedonym's pseudonym February 06, 2011
When a person (man or woman) Tebows and then furiously begins to masturbate with their right hand.
Yo brah!!! I just totally Dirty Tebowd all over myself!
My mom caught me last night Dirty Tebowing to erotic Asian midget porn!!
by 69ing chipmunks October 29, 2012