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A term that is used for a girl you has a really nasty vagina, especially if it is green. The term was made popular from the porno movie that originated and shares the name "Dirty Susan" in this fantastic flick the female actress does in fact have a green vagina.
Man #1: "So how'd your date go?"
Man #2: ... (pale white face)
Man #1: "Whats wrong bro?"
Man #2: "You remember that nightmare I keep having?"
Man #1: "The one you keep having since you watched "Dirty Susan?"
Man #2: "Yes, I think that really was Dirty Susan, her puss i think had either moss or mold growing on it!"
by David Meece January 10, 2006
a used or unused condom
"Today in sex ed, the teacher pulled out a dirty susan."
by 1111 August 21, 2006
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