Dirty South Mafia is a group of people from the South that love to party. Members of Dirty South Mafia also like to increase the height of any type of vehicle they own, whether it be a truck, 4 wheeler, lawnmower etc. and then bring it into horrendous terrain like mud, sand, water or a combination of all three and pushing the vehicle to the breaking point all while participating in some sort of competition. Most people get to know everything about Dirty South Mafia by taking the time out to check out Dirty South Mafia DOT Com Members of Dirty South Mafia are good hearted, God fearing, family oriented Christians.... If this offends you.........KISS OUR SOUTHERN ASS!!!
They are having a mud bogging event this weekend in Mississippi, we need to make sure we invite Dirty South Mafia..

A party is not a party if members of Dirty South Mafia are not there.......
by Dirty South Mafia DOT Com May 24, 2013

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