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two in the giney one in the hiney
by ruthie March 05, 2003

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A close relative of the "shocker," however, it differs in technique and execution. Invert your hand and direct two fingers into the stink box, immeditaely followed by a thumb-hook to the stinker. You can also perform a "hooking" motion (like your twisting open a can) for the full effect.
If your girlfriend gives you the look, it's time for the Dirty South Fish Hook.
by Balls McGee February 20, 2003
Two in the stink and one in the pink.
An inverted shocker (see shocker) also reference (stinky pinky)
by Drrrty Drrrty July 27, 2004
two in the goo, one in the poo
I gave this girl a little dirty south fish hook
by Jizzmaster22deluxe March 11, 2003
your two fingers in the hiney and then sink your thumb in her dickhole
by tom April 25, 2003