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The term used for drunked naughtyness.
Primarily at House Parties as the 'Dirty Shearer' can have more fun.

Can be used as a word to define someone : A Diry Shearer
or to define drunken mishaps : Dirty Sheared
Dude : 'My Dad Walked in on me trying to have sex with an unconcious girl'

Dude 2: 'aw man, that sucks.'

Dude : 'I know. And the worst thing was he scared the hell outta me and my do da went somewhere else...'

Dude 2: '.....OMG man, u Dirty Sheared the poor girl'

Dude : 'Dammit, That makes me a Dirty Shearer ): '
by LittleRichard February 19, 2010

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