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The sensational painstaking presentation while attending a social function and gathering the awareness of the present congregation only after you have found the most gullible, smallest, and youngest male at the party convinced said whippersnapper (through peer pressure and alcohol consumption) to allow himself to be handcuffed to a tree, while onlookers watch in awe proceed to disrobe the crying embarrased juvenile in front of his peers, then as if not enough you unveil the "cou de gras", your choice brand of peanut butter and spread frivolously up and down the exposed buttox making sure to get equal portions within the crack itself. (see also greasy nut, greased nut, greased sheafer
Wow poor Mike Smith got a mean dirty sheafer at Fulks party last night.

I cant believe the amount of peanut butter they used in that dirty sheafer.
by MBenji February 08, 2010
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