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When you are inside a disgusting public washroom stall taking a dump and you get a chick to suck your dick during the process. When you are done pooping, she licks out your ass then you spin her around and stick your dick in her ass while shoving her head in the toilet that you have not flushed(this is crucial). After she has eaten approximately 50% of your shit start effing her in her pussy and slap her back with your right hand hopefully forcing her to puke up your shit. After this is accomplished take her out for an italian dinner and a movie.
Dan: Hey Dave I saw you and Kim out having dinner last night at Little Sicily, what was the occasion?
Dave: Oh nothing, we just did the dirty sewer rat earlier that evening.
Dan: No way! Did she eat enough of your shit?
Dave: No, but I let her get away with it.
Dan: That was nice of you dude.
by dillonstott September 28, 2008
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