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In the same vein of the Dirty Sanchez, the Dirty Sanchita is the female version where a girl fingers a man's asshole, then wipes the feces along his upper lip.
Still angry over the Dirty Sanchez her boyfriend gave her the week before, Lisa exacted her revenge on Doug with a Dirty Sanchita.
by RoXxy 811 April 19, 2011
The act of pulling the penis out of the female's butt before cumming and then giving her penciled eyebrows and lip-liner with the poo residue on the penis. Then finish by splooging in her hair to make it crunchy like a chola's.
Hey Ese!

I was giving it to Concepcion up the butt at her Quincenera and I was about to cum so I pulled out and gave her a dirty sanchita. Now she a real chola!! AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!
by Geohndropherick January 09, 2008