our l0rd for 2015
don't mess with the best, Dirty Sanchez for 2015.
by randoboy April 08, 2014
A New York Jets football player who wipes his boogers off on another team's player during a game and goes on to lose big time.
Did you see how awful the AFC championship game's first half was with that dirty Sanchez not paying attention?
by Nudniky Rick January 24, 2011
When in doggy style slip your finger in her ass and then reach around and wipe your finger on her upper lip and then hang on
by freaky-b November 21, 2013
Everyone is wrong. A Dirty Sanchez is a slang term for filthy Mexican. Usually this term refers to a male particularly ones named Sanchez, Juan or Pedro. Usually the source or filth is low paying yard work but may also include dirt accumulated at home or in a vehicle due to cramped living conditions in Hispanic households.
Yesterday I saw a bunch of Dirty Sanchezs planting bushes in my neighbors yard.
by Ukrainian Palestinian Mexican August 30, 2014
To wipe a booger on your friend or teammate, to wit, New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez in the 2011 AFC Championship.
I've picked a good one, now I need a target for a Dirty Sanchez.

Ew, Mark just Sanchezed his clean jersey.
by Andrew Scriber January 23, 2011
Everyone is wrong it's when a male and female are having anal sex and when the guy pulls his dick out and there is shit on it
Victor:Dude BJ last night i was having anal sex with my girl and when i pulled out there was shit on my dick

BJ:Awwwww dude she gave you a dirty sanchez
by CHS_VictorN and BradW January 07, 2011
when someone smears poop on the other person's upper lip during anal sex
charlotte and mac's favorite sexual act is the dirty sanchez
by incest fo lyfe May 10, 2010

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