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Dirty Rice is a term that basically means "a shit-stained pussy". It occurs mid-coitus when you pull out of the anus and proceed to insert into the vagina and continue coitus.
Your friend awakes from a daydream to declare "last nite I was banging your mom in the butt then I pulled out and put it in her vag!!" Which is then followed by an observer declaring, they call that dirty rice!!
by Gambo1984 February 18, 2009
Dirty Asian men, usually together in a group, typically under the age of 45.
Yokoshima Migosaki Tacoma Suzuki was standing with his dirty rice friends.
by jp money September 26, 2004
A creole (South Louisiana) or "cajun" dish mostly consisting of rice cooked with ground beef or sausage and spices, giving it a "dirty" look.
We went to Popeye's and got some dirty rice. My mama makes the best dirty rice.
by tvgator January 04, 2008
an import vehicle from japan whose appearance isnt of the norm. (i.e. it is not stock, and its not all riced out) The aftermarket work to the car is done nicley, and to the fullest extent.
"Dude, Jerry's new car is some dirty rice bro. It aint all "pep-boied" out like his brothers POS.
by Raabe June 14, 2007
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