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Wrong!! The term for a clit is man in a boat first of all..
A Pork Chop is a common term used to describe Portuguese people. Not really racist, portuguese people often refer to themselves as chops as well.

"Hey Larissa, you bringin' your dirty pork chop boyfriend out with us tonight?"
by amiraz April 06, 2006
when two guys get together an slap there small cocks on a pork chop and then perform anal sex while eating the precum glazed porkchop
tim hey do you want to have anal sex?
booger yah man. lets do a dirty porkchop
by tom jones 3 December 10, 2012
highly discolored and deformed labia. Could be the result of not grooming, child birth, or giving up the pussy too much.

The labia look like a pork chop that has been cooked, and droped on the floor.
I was going to go down on her, but she was sporting a dirty pork chop
by Sonny Hooper April 12, 2004
See "Beef Curtains", not dirty pork chop, A vagina that has lips that hang down they are considered curtains.
I was watching a porno the other day. Man! This chick had some beef curtains ,not dirty pork chop,.
by Novellprize October 29, 2006
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