Someone who sleeps around so much that she smells like a pirate.
Krystal wanted to sleep with Stephen but he said she was too much of a dirty pirate hooker.
by Operation Wolf January 30, 2012
A phrase that is used to greet friends and family.
"Dirty Pirate Hooker!, what are you doing? Wanna go get mega million tickets?"
"Ok, I gotta go you dirty pirate hooker."
by Parnell March 08, 2007
A slut, who tends to take anything she is given at any given moment. They tend to be gold diggers, but are not as skilled, and are temporary.

Overall identifiers:
1) Fuck anything that can walk, hop or crawl.
2) Do anything for money and/or a good time.
3) Can fit at least one set of balls in their mouth.
Girl One: Oh she is a dirty pirate hooker!
Girl Two: Dena?! I know, she has done at least every guy in this room, she must be hungry or something.
Girl One: I swear I heard her bragging about how many balls she can fit in her mouth...

Guy and Dirty Pirate Hooker:
Guy: Wow, you seem like a good time.
Dirty Pirate Hooker: I know I do, let's hookup sometime.
Guy: For real?
Dirty Pirate Hooker: Yeah, whats your name again?...

by Scrotch November 10, 2007
the name of a porno and used as describing a girl or boy who is a dirty pirate hooker. The word ooriginated in 6th grade during one of the schools field trips. (see betsy johnson)
dayum kirby is a dirty ass pirate hooker,
wat the hell that dirty pirate hooker gave me aids,
dude i just banged some dirty pirate hooker named kirby
dude drew just banged that dirty pirate hooker named kirby

by jeff sloane February 13, 2008
A nasty female who has fucked more people than a pirate himself has.
Girl 1: Oh my gosh did you hear that fucked another guy?!
Girl 2: Ya she's a Dirty Pirate Hooker.
by not_a_dirty_pirate_hooker June 12, 2006
another name for a stupid fucking blonde chick who is known for just being her whoreishly self.
Paris Hilton is a dirty pirate hooker thats must die now.
by pirate hooker. July 24, 2006
All of the other definitions are grossly inaccurate for Dirty Pirate Hooker, this is the one true definition. A Dirty Pirate Hooker is a prostitute, escort, or some other woman who accepts cash, gifts, or other valuables in exchange for whoring her body out; what separates a Dirty Pirate Hooker from a regular prositute however is the fact that she has significantly more paid for sex with clientele who are significantly bigger sleezy perverts (making the Dirty Pirate Hooker Dirty); finally their are distinguishing marks such as stab wounds, bite marks, perhaps missing appendages, an eye-patch, etc. which makes said Dirty Pirate Hooker somewhat resemble a pirate of folklore.
Her name was Cinammon, she came to our hotel room in Vegas to entertain us, the apprehension she had of us, the stab wounds, and skankiness told us that she wasn't only a stripper, she was indeed a Dirty Pirate Hooker.
by Alias_Invader October 08, 2014
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