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a black person; especially of the homeless variety
common slang in Dallas, TX
Oh man that dirty penny keeps asking me for crack.
by cindyclark January 24, 2011
The brown ring around ones anus.*

*note: some porn stars bleach their assholes, thus eliminating their "dirty penny"
"Did you see Kristina's ass in that thong?"
"Yeah, I caught a glimpse of her dirty penny!"
by lord x July 18, 2005
Synonym for the taste of the anus. The coppery taste of an asshole tastes like a dirty penny.
"Last night, I totally licked her dirtypenny!"
by Mr. Honest August 01, 2006
A ho that will take a penny per pleasuring thing she does.
Me and my friend are Dirty Pennies all the way !
by whiskeygirl January 14, 2005
Literally too dirty to even put into words.
April sure gives a good dirty penny.
by Snoopaloopaloop February 16, 2011
1. The place where all men want to stick it but never wnat tolick it.

2. The girl everyone dated in high school
1. If you go down on your girl and it taste like a dirty penny your licking the wrong hole.

2. Ho Ho HO
by Robbie Racecar May 07, 2003
Not to be confused with a licking the bung hole dirty penny is used to describe a girl you've messed with, want to mess with, or have heard that someone has messed with. commonly used in public places when you dont want to offend the girl your describing. also used when you dont know the girl.
brian " wheeeeew, did you see that sessy bitch in the yellow top with the white skirt, id stick it in her pooter"
grant "whhhat? you mean that skank sam? shes a dirty penny man, plus, shes got the clap"
brian " damn it man, stupid dirty penny"
by b.w.c.t May 23, 2008
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