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When a male is having sex with a female, pulls out, jerks off, cums in his hand and slaps the female.
Hey girl, your cheek looks red, did someone give you a Dirty Pancake last night? Ha-ha!
by Los-t August 17, 2010
A dirty pancake is when a male ejaculates on a female's rear end and smears the excrete to form pancakes.
From the first time I saw that booty, I knew I was going to give it a dirty pancake.
by PootieTang06 October 09, 2007
When a male applies a copious amount of pancake batter to his genitalia and proceeds to place it in a heated frying pan being sure to evenly brown it on all sides. Then it can be made into part of a nutritous meal.

"So I was at my local dining establishment and found myself skimming the menu but could not make a choice. I flipped the page and there i saw the greatest words in the english language. I proceeded to order the legendary dirty pancake and it was rustled up with all the fixin's."
by Evan And Keiton May 20, 2008
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