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An adaptation of the Dirty Sanchez, the Dirty O'Malley is a sexual act which is implemented while engaging in anal sex due to the female's monthlies. While in the doggy style sexual position with the male's penis entering the female's anus, the male shoves his entire hand into the menstruating vagina of the female in order to extract copius amounts of menstrual fluid. He then smears the menstrual fluid all about her face and chin, giving the female the appearance of having a red beard, like that of a Mick.
My girlfriend didn't speak to me for a week after I gave her a Dirty Sanchez, so I surprised her on her birthday with a Dirty O'Malley. She was so proud, she wore that beard for a week and showed it off to all her friends, making them all green with envy.
by Boss Horndawg February 13, 2008
The act of puking in your beer, then drinking it.
On St. Paddy's Day, too many blokes engage in the dirty O'Malley.
by 50quidaday August 20, 2009

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