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Dirty North

1. A successful DJ duo in West Michigan consisting of Matt "DJ Matt B" Bowman and Jeremy "DJ J-Dubb" Wieber. They can often be found with 104-5 WSNX, DJ Elemnt, DJ Barcode and L-Rae and Mrs. Dubbs.

2. A sexual position involving any of the things that make the Dirty North what it is...a mitten, a game of euchre, a pony keg of any Bell's beer and a robin.

"Oh Man, were you at Sixx last night? Dirty North was killing it!"

"That dude tried to say he was Dirty North but was all know he's not."


"I'm a dirty north the hell outta that girl...I got a mitten in my truck."

"That boy dirty north'd me better than anyone ever has. I can't believe what he did with those euchre cards."
by Droo Mac April 05, 2010

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