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A pint of Guinness with a shot of Jäger dropped in it. An Irish boilermaker. Sometimes referred to as a Soiled Irishman by Scots! Also referred to as an Irish Navy Depth Charge.
Damn it. My boss is such an asshole... I need to get to the pub for a Dirty Murphy.
by Dirty McD February 19, 2013
A whiskey and coke with cigarette ash flicked into the mixture. The ash will sink below the surface and remain hidden. If the drinker doesn't know about the ash and drinks quickly, the ash will shoot into the victims mouth.
Drinker: Try a sip of this Dirty Murphy.
Victim: Okay.


Victim: I still have ash in my teeth from that Dirty Murphy.
by TheDirtyMurphy January 20, 2011
The act of pouring Guiness in a woman's ass, and then drinking it with a straw.
I got drunk last night on a couple of dirty murphy's!
by Crickett6969 February 10, 2008
like a dirty o'brien, but using King Edwards
James O'Hanrahan was fresh out of Jersey's, so he improvised the dirty o'brien, as she was a very accommodating chav
by Woolfy January 07, 2005
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