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1. When a person (male or female) opens up a another females vagina and deficates a log into her vagina, then proceeds to watch her birth out the log of feces / 2. The log of feces that is pushed out of the females vagina.
1. I just totally gave that whore a dirty munchkin!
2. Wow, that is a huge dirty munchkin!
#dirty #munchkin #feces #birth #poop
by Fecal Fanatic September 05, 2010
A dirty munchkin is when an individual is on his or her knees performing oral sex and the recipient blows their hot, sticky, wet load all over the performer therefore making them a "dirty munchkin".
Fred- "I just made you my Dirty Munchkin!"
#oral #sex #dirty #munchkin #wizard of oz
by Mr. Peebody April 17, 2009
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