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Occurs when a woman puts a large amount of cocaine in her asshole during sex, then farts on a man's face, leaving a cocaine-fecal matter residue on his face. Named "Montana" for the character Tony Montana of the Movie Scarface.
Friend 1: You know that guy Jim?
Friend 2: Yeah, the one that does a ton of coke?
Friend 1: The very same. I heard that he made a prostitute give him a dirty montana last week.
by Swag Me the Fuck Out November 28, 2011
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Is when a guy having sex with a woman sticks his finger in his own ass and then wipes it on her upper lip.
After or before he cums, he reaches back sticking his finger in his ass then rubs it on her upper lip causing a Dirty Montana.
by Dirt Road Billy September 21, 2009

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