While having sex just before you bust a nut you have to pull out, skeet on her face, and then take your large handful of pre-shaved pubes from the bedside and rub it all around her face while yelling "DIRTY MONKEY!"

It is slightly complicated because you must do a little preparation work with a razor so that your pile of pubes is ready at the percise moment -- but don't worry its worth it.
That girl Dina told me when she comes over tonight she wants a dirty monkey
by Dr. Jeckyl March 18, 2007
Top Definition
When a male/female hangs from something(high bar) and shits into another persons mouth.
Dude, last night I gave this bitch the dirty monkey.
by kissMYbutt February 25, 2003
When a girl lies on her back legs up & the guy squats(catchers position). While thrusting and yelling like a monkey, the guy discreetly shits in his hand & throws it in her face.
After leaving Marks, Michael took Nancy back to Blake and Sarah's. Where he gave her the Dirty Monkey on there kitchen floor!
by Spainard October 23, 2011
a "dirty monkey" is someone who will fuck just about anybody, anywhere, at anytime, in any hole. In addition, a dirty monkey never says no to fucking no matter how nasty the partner.

"I fucked Suzie last night in the shitter at Hooters. I didn't where a condom. Im a dirty monkey!"
by Big City July 26, 2007
When a person scratches their ass then picks their nose.
Holy shit batman, that fat chick did the dirty monkey!
by Guinness6 September 04, 2013
Basically, the white trash girls you see on Jerry Springer, who have tramp stamps (tattoos on the small of their back), who drink and party way too much, who are sorta white trash hot be could have been really hot had they not lived a life of abuse and drama. They love to party and have sex with whomever will pay attention to them. Usually seen on back of Harley's, having sex on bed of pickup in front of the bar, or passed out in the corner of the bar.
Jennifer? Is she the legal secretary who drinks red wine or the dirty monkey who was at the bar Monday night till close?
by JMA1 October 23, 2006
a poor ass bitch's bitch.
poor person: "hey man can u give me some money?"
Person walking by: "man go ask your dirty monkey for some, BIATCH!"
by AK Mafia August 17, 2004
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