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When you pay a Gentleman of Significant Stature (a fatty) the sum of $35 to spread the cheeks of his buttocks, sit on your face and flatulate. The act becomes a Filthy Marshmallow if the large man defecates, intentionally or otherwise.
Pardon me Louie Anderson, I have thirty-five American dollars and I would like to have a good time. Would you be interested in giving me a Dirty Marshmallow?
by W.P. Jambeck May 28, 2008
16 6
a girl takes a good amount of marshmallows and puts them in her mouth while giving you a blow job
my girlfriend gave me a dirty marshmallow and she said it tasted great.
by dam3646 October 01, 2009
5 6
1. When a money shot gets covered with sand and left for others to find at the beach

2. When someone gives a facial and shoves the girls face in the sand (well complimented by the Amish Plow)
1. "I found a side way into the topless beach but the whole path is covered with Diry Marshmallows"

2. "If you don't quit chewin' I'm gonna give you a Dirty Marshmallow"
by MallowMate July 14, 2009
1 6