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The act of licking the rim of ones bung hole.
After she gave me a dirty margarita,she wanted to kiss me."Not until you clean your mouth with lysol" I told her.
by THB April 25, 2005
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The act of placing salt on the rim of an anus and inserting a lime wedge in the anus. Then you lick the salt, take a shot of tequila and then bite the lime out of the parntners ass.
Yeah dude i got so messed up last night Amy and I did a dirty margarita.
by Pedrothelandscaper May 08, 2011
Probably the most disgusting thing ever attempted on the face of the earth. Worse than the golden monkey, two girls one cup, and the russian canycane.

Steps to make it-
Step one: you and your partner take a dump in a blender.
Step two: the male must maturbate into the blender.
Step three: the female must be on her period and add blood into the blender.
Step four: mix it up and serve to whoever you want
Jatavrion- Yo dawg me and Shaquiesha made a Dirty Margarita last night. I still got some left over, so do you want some?

Bob- Your really sick.
by DJ Pauly P May 12, 2011
When you sprinkle salt on your penis and proceed to slap a woman across the face with it.
Porter Gave Monica a dirty margarita last night after they left the party.
by StxSwans January 09, 2008
Fingering a chick while on her period. When you pull your fingers out you wipe them on her upper lip and chin. Similar to a Dirty Sanchez.
TJ was pissed when Trent gave a dirty margarita
by exzactly April 20, 2006

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