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The act in which:

1: One man cums into another man's anus
2: He then excretes this ejaculation into the first man's anus while he is performing a handstand
3: The man who first took the load then sucks the excrement and semen from the 'handstand' man's anus
4: This is then regurgitated on to the same man's dick while performing a blow job.
5: The pair then swap all ejaculation, excrement, and regurgitation liquids via the mouth

6: Repeat, roles reversed.
Person 1: "Dude, what did we do last night? Damn, I need a bath!"
Person 2: "I gave you dirty malay... remember?
Person 1 : "Oh yeah, that was fun!"
by Dirty Malay January 02, 2011
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