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n. (dur-tee loo) - A squat, stocky man who aggressively pushes girls out of bed after performing inadequate, ineffectual and gnarly intercourse with her.
"Too many children are being kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed because of Dirty Lou."

"Demasiados ninos estan siendo secuestrados, violados, torturados y asesinados a causa de Lou el Suico."
by Tomas dela Suiza January 02, 2009
A variation of the Dirty Sanchez where after having anal sex, the man pulls out his penis and wipes it across his partners forehead creating a monobrow.
Damn is that a monobrow or did she get the Dirty Lou?
by Filthy Lou December 06, 2007
A man or women that never cleans his/her genital area, and or depends on others to complete simple tasks for him/her such as changing his/her underwear.
Jack your a Dirty Lou
You son of a Lou
You god dam Lou
You fucking Dirty Lou
You Dirty Lou
by Mickey,Justin,Neal July 26, 2006
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