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The Canadian equivalent of the Dirty Sanchez.

Named after the famously 70's porn-starish moustache of New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jack Layton.

Since Canadians are stereotypically polite, the explicit definition is left under the Dirty Sanchez header. The definition of a Dirty Layton is broad enough to also incorporate the Dirty Sanchez's first cousin, the Dirty Rodruigez.

Also used as a metaphor for any particularly distasteful or grossly disrespectful act.
- Hey hoser, I don't know what you're talkin' aboot, I didn't give you the Dirty Layton. I cleaned up with that oily rag over there. (literal)

- Man, don't spill s*&t in my car then shrug like it's not your problem, that's just a Dirty Layton move... (metaphor)

- Some people also consider the scandals that Jean Chretien left for Paul Martin to deal with as a HUGE Dirty Layton.

- For American readers, the deficits Bush left for Obama to clean up... also a HUGE Dirty Layton
by Mr_Furious April 05, 2009
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